Lifestyle Culture

Cambodians have rice as their staple food, fish and shrimp as their non-staple food. They like to eat vegetables with pungent flavors such as raw chili, green onions, and ginger, as well as lettuce, raw meat, and fish sauce.

Cambodians’ traditional houses mostly are built from bamboo wood structures with high feet, about two meters high, where people live above, and farm tools and vehicles are stored on the ground.

The Cambodian marriage custom is the man marries to the woman’s home. All ceremonies of the wedding are celebrated in the woman’s home, and the wedding was hosted by the most prestigious elder in the village.

Cambodians is very pay attention to etiquette. The most common etiquette is Som Peas, which is put your hands together in front of your chest and bow your head slightly. The height of your fingertips depends on the identity of the opponent. The king, members of the royal family, and monks are also squatting or kneeling. Handshake is also popular on social occasions, but Som Peas is still appropriate for men and women.