Chock full of natural beauty, with thickly forested mountains, powerful waterfalls, and the lush green rolling hills, Mondulkiri is located on the eastern north side of Cambodia, which is the most sparsely populated province in the whole country while being one of the largest provinces in term of landmass. This is home to the famous Bou Sra Waterfall, Sen Monorom Waterfall, Pu Long Waterfall, Elephant Alley, etc.

In April 2022, the Cambodian government launched the “Master Plan for Mondulkiri Tourism Development 2022-2035” which is a guide for the development of the tourism sector in the north-eastern area of the country. It lays out strategic directions for the development of the northeastern province particularly Mondulkiri’s tourism landscape with the aim of making it a part of Cambodia’s fourth economic pole.