Phnom Penh Food Guide

Japan Street

Cambodia’s Phnom Penh Japanese Street hides many specialty cuisines. Many tourists who come to Phnom Penh BKK1 will definitely come here. There are delicious Japanese and Korean cuisines. When you are tired of eating Cambodian cuisine, you can change your taste by coming here. There are many restaurants on Japa street that are worth trying.

Sakana Lab-Japanese Seafood Dining

There are many Japanese restaurants in Phnom Penh, but there is only Sakana Lab, the Japanese seafood restaurant with the theme of “Fish”. Sakana Lab as a whole is a small retro Japanese style two-story building with a strong sense of substitution in the exterior and interior. The warm seats on the first floor and the VIP room on the second floor, coupled with the Qing Japanese decoration style. As soon as I entered the door, I felt like I had walked into the heartwarming “late-night canteen”.

Different from the kitchen layout in the “late-night cafeteria, this is not an open kitchen, but it is also a carefully decorated Japanese restaurant. The shop is designed by the owner himself. The whole wall is decorated with the happy fishes in the sea so that everyone can feel in such a space and breath from the sea and enjoy many different kinds of food with fresh fish.

Perhaps many people have heard that seafood and Japanese food are both expensive, but the prices here are different according to everyone’s order. The overall consumption is about US$20 per person. You can experience authentic seafood dishes at a reasonable price.

BATT BONG Restaurant

Standing outside the door, you really only see a Coca-Cola pavilion. If you don’t open it, you really don’t know that there is a restaurant behind it!

Batt Bong offers freshly grilled Pizza, steak, and fried rice, but these are not relaxing enough, there is a secret wine list that is only known by the regular customers that are filled with a large number of cocktails in the treasure box cups that look like decorations in the store, for a whole table of friends who participate in a secret meeting to enjoy. The meaning of Batt Bong’s existence is written on the wall in English and Khmer. “This is an abandoned house, so not many people come here to find you, come to escape from reality and let yourself free, go and have a nice drink with a delicious snack, let high together no one will know.”


A flowing palace feast with Cambodian style run along the winding alleys, stepping into the dim lights of street 820 and vaguely chatting and laughing behind the wooden door.

Every Thursday, when the sun set, in Phnom Penh people from all corners of the city are ready to go to the Samai bar in the city to enjoy the slight pressure relief. However, unlike other bars, this bar named “Modern” in Khmer is only open on Thursday night, and at other times it is the only professional rum winery in Cambodia.

Taiwan Street

Located next to the Russian ​Federation Boulevard, Steet 225 is a gathering place for Taiwanese. Commonly known as Taiwan Street.

There are many Chinese restaurants in Phnom Penh. If you want to eat ramen, dumpling, or other snacks you can find them in many places, but if we talk about the flavor of Taiwan, you don’t have to fly to Taiwan, you can go directly to street 225 in Phnom Penh.
In the south of Russian Boulevard, there are a lot of Taiwanese restaurants serving a variety of dishes such as carrot cakes, beef noodles, and scallion pancakes. The most well-known restaurants are Qian Chao and Lu Gang Restaurant. If you need groceries, just go to Taiwan Family Mart.

Lu Kang Bar&Restasurant

Lu Kang Bar&Restasurant is a Taiwanese-style restaurant. Next to this restaurant​ is a hotel which is a must-stay hotel for Taiwanese. Therefore, this area is also full of Taiwanese cuisine to satisfy the appetite of Taiwanese businesspeople. However, many local Cambodians also come to taste it.

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks-Cambodia has two branches in Phnom Penh, one is at Eden Garden, and another one is at AEON Sen Sok. The Eden Garden Branch, from outside, it is a cute tin hut which is designed in red and yellow. It looks very different from a distance. Thfere is a shiny “Taiwan Heart” sign behind it. The main items are super large chicken chop, oyster noodles, and french fries.

Chinese Cuisine

In Phnom Penh, eating is not a problem. There are a lot of restaurants with various grades and tastes. The first thing many Chinese people do when they come to Phnom Penh is to find Chinese restaurants. Many people are inseparable from declicious Chinese food. As long as there are Chinese restaurants, there are Chinese people.

Emperors of China

This is a unique high-end casual Chinese restaurant that brings Chinese elegance and modern style to Cambodia. It is inspired by the authentic cuisine of the ancient Chinese dynasty. It provides delicious foods such as Beijing duck, fresh handmade dim sum, fresh seafood, China tea, Chinese wine, and whiskey.

Happy Lamb Hot Pot

People in any country will fall in love with hot pot as long as they eat hot pot. In Phnom Penh, there is also a favorite hot pot restaurant for Chinese people, which is Happy Lamb Hot Pot. Happy Lamb hot pot has footprints all over the world. Happy Lamb Hot Pot is not only high grade but also affordable. Happy Lamb Hot Pot originated in Mongolia in 1999. It has a legend like a myth.


DIM SUM EMPERORS has a good environment with Chinese and Asian dishes. The restaurant is also suitable for vegetarians, and it also has a buffet lunch. It is located near the Central Market, so the traffic is very convenient. The recommended dishes are Cantonese dim sum and steamed buns.

Lao Di Fang Seafood Restaurant

There are currently two branches of Lao Di Fang Seafood Restaurant. It is located on Monivong Avenue, the restaurant is simple and clean. It’s the first seafood restaurant in Phnom Penh that is recognized by other Chinese restaurants and Cambodians. There are many different kinds of food with interesting names that are a must-try.

Hong Kong Restaurant

“Hong Kong Restaurant” is now the most well-known Hong Kong-style restaurant in Cambodia. The restaurant is widely amazed by foreigners and local people due to the excellent food and the details put in the interior design. From 2016 to 2021, there were seven branches opened. The chain of restaurants also expanded to foreign countries. Currently, there are five branches in Phnom Penh and two in Malaysia.

Luk Hot Pot

The birth of Luk Hot Pot is inspired by the Hong Kong tea shop concept. From the store decoration to the menu, every detail is carefully crafted. Despite being a hot country, Cambodians love hot pot. The unique taste of Hong Kong-style hot pot is one of the highlights
of Luk Hot Pot

Khmer Cuisine


ONE MORE is a distinctive Cambodian restaurant. All wooden tableware, with a variety of green leaves, has the feeling of Southeast Asia. What more distinctive is that their rice is red rice which is ht and soft glutinous. The wooden tableware greatly increases the appetite. The menu is presented in the form of a newspaper, with a large number of dishes.


MALIS is a courtyard-style restaurant with outdoor and indoor dining. When you enter the door, you can see the Buddha statue about 2.5 meters high. On the right side wall, there is a photo of Jackie Chan and the owner. The environment is quiet and elegant. The waiter said that in Cambodia, MALIS means JASMINE.

Recognized as the best Khmer restaurant in Phnom Penh. The dishes are exquisite and the taste is very typical of Southeast Asian cuisine. The chef used to work in France and won the professional chef Medal of the French government. The dishes here are a mixture of Cambodian and French styles. It’s close to the Independence Monument. The yard is small but very beautiful. The seats upstairs are quiet.


This is a very magical restaurant, located on the inconspicuous second floor. You can’t see it when you pass by. Because the location is very secret, if no one leads the way, you won’t find or know it. It is said that it is an old store with a history of 100 years. The decorative tables and chairs inside are made of wood. The atmosphere is very quiet. It is a place suitable for sitting down and slowly tasting authentic Cambodian food, but remember to make an appointment!

We must try the snail. It’s big and tastes very special. It’s a bit like pork, but it’s chewier. Another special dish is the Tonkin creeper. Some people translated it into Chinese as night lavender, others say jasmine. In short, it is a kind of flower and then fried with garlic. It is one of the top dishes in the restaurant.