Asia’s new tiger, Cambodia introduces “Cambodia My 2nd Home” programme

Publication date 05 July 2022 | 09:05 ICT

The “Cambodia My 2nd Home” programme has been exclusively launched by Khmer Home Charity Association with sole approval from the Ministry of Interior, with the main goal of promoting trade and investment cooperation among countries, following the concept of “serving members and creating win-win cooperation”.

The scheme focuses on several areas, including eliminating unauthorised intermediary companies, reviving economic development and encouraging foreign investment in Cambodia.


Those who apply through the “Cambodia My 2nd Home” programme will enjoy a series of measures to facilitate living and business, including 10-year unlimited entry and exit visas.

They will also benefit from Khmer Home Charity Association membership under Ministry of Interior supervision, with local insurance coverage and VIP treatment among other advantages. Moreover, after five years, they will be eligible to apply for a Cambodian passport and enjoy all the advantages of ASEAN.


The Kingdom has seen rapid development since the 1990s, with average annual GDP growth of seven percent, while the amount of foreign investment in the past 10 years has increased 138 times.

In 2019, Cambodia’s foreign direct investment amounted to US$3.49 billion, and foreign direct investment increased by 115 percent to $7.59 billion in 2020, ranking among the best in the world.


China, South Korea, the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the US ranked among the top 10 nations to invest in Cambodia in 2020.

And the Kingdom boasts a number of economic draws to entice further numbers of investors.

At a time when the economies of many countries were struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Cambodia still managed to attract investors.

Many foreign banks and large consumer brands have, particularly in the last two years, discovered the advantages of coming to Cambodia, with a large number flooding to Phnom Penh to the benefit of the real estate and financial industries.

And there are a host of reasons that make Cambodia an attractive place to live as well work, including top-notch educational institutions and international-standard healthcare facilities.

With many local private primary and secondary schools, and top-ranking international schools, excellent learning environments are provided in line with international standards.

For universities, there is not only the local Royal University of Phnom Penh, but also many renowned institutions from countries such as the UK and Singapore.

Cambodia’s medical sector also enjoys international standards of care and the most advanced equipment, reflecting the government’s strong emphasis on health.

According to the latest WHO report, there are currently around 1,400 public hospitals and 5,500 private hospitals in the Kingdom, including the famous Phnom Penh Royal Hospital and the Japanese Sunshine Hospital.

The launch of “Cambodia My 2nd Home” will present the new face of success in the Kingdom, ushering in a brand new economic take-off and bringing rich opportunities.

On the same day, HE Nov Sokpheap also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ricky Lai, the chairman of My Second Home CM2H (Cambodia) Co Ltd.

With the ” Cambodia My 2nd Home” programme, the Kingdom is offering the warmest of welcomes to investors. The first wave of good news in 2022 is arriving – seize the opportunity.

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