Khmer Home Charity Association (KHCA) is the only association recognized by the Ministry of the Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia for the CM2H collaboration. Having an elite group of accounts, statisticians, lawyers, and also representatives from the government, and private sectors, professionals, KHCA will work closely with MOI towards improving international investment opportunities and also economic growth for Cambodia.

KHCA will be working closely with the minister to develop Cambodia by combining resources from both parties to stimulate the country’s economic growth and upgrade every Cambodia lifestyle.



“Cambodia My 2nd Home” is the major initiative launched by My Second Home CM2H (Cambodia) Co. , Ltd. with MOI with an aim to introduce this beautiful country to the world. We allow people from around the world to sign up for CM2H membership for a broad range of services and consultancy including immigration, business, education, families, etc. At the same time, we will give back and contribute to the society unparellely through a Charity Association, the Khmer Home Charity Association (KHCA).

Our role

Promote and provide professional services, protect rights for everyone

Our mission

Service-oriented, project-committed, talent-supported, needs-prioritized

Our vision

Guide KHCA members toward the greatest success and achievement

The Official Speech by H.E. Kirth Chantharith, Director General of General Department of Immigration in the event of The Official Launch of “Cambodia My 2nd Home” program on Friday, 22nd July 2022 at 5PM at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra Hotel

Today, I am very honored to be appointed by Samdech Krolahom Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, to preside over the official launching ceremony of “Cambodia My 2nd Home” on this very special occasion I would also like to deliver the statement by Samdech Krolahom Sar Kheng to all the members of Khmer Home Charity Association, national, and international guests of honor of the whole organization that are present here today The purpose of this gathering, as H.E. Nov Sokpheap, Chairman of Khmer Home Charity Association mentioned earlier, is to officially launch the program “Cambodia My 2nd Home”. Previously, the Khmer Home Charity Association applied for a policy and support from the Ministry of Interior for a program called “Cambodia My 2nd Home” which aims to attract foreign visitors to stay, work and run long-term business investments in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Understanding the opportunity and potential of Cambodia, “Cambodia My 2nd Home” program would be beneficial in contributing to the social-economic development of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Ministry of Interior encourages the association to implement and make this program into reality.

As mentioned by the H.E. Chairman, the program’s target is foreigners, investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, or intellectuals with high knowledge and ability, they are the main driving force for all the development of the country in this globalized, technologized, and innovative era, which also complied with the Government policy of attracting investors and tourists.

Your excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies, and gentlemen!

Although this program seems new to Cambodia, it has already been implemented by many countries including some of our neighboring countries as well. Concomitantly, this program also complies with the objectives and principles of the Ministry of Interior’s new drafting law on immigration.

In response to the requests and commitments of the Khmer Home Charity Association, the Ministry of Interior will provide the necessary support in the implementation of this program in accordance with the laws, and regulations, mainly regarding the country’s entry and exit, the accommodations as well as maintaining the security and safety for all the foreigners, who are the priority of this amazing program.

Simultaneously, to ensure that all the foreigners will receive the finest services package during their entry-exit and stay in the Kingdom of Cambodia, I would like to appeal to the association to continue to maintain close corporations with all the relevant ministries and institutions to study and explore to further broaden the legal aspects, especially the laws and regulations that are being applied to this program, which will be attracting more development to our dear Angkor heritage.

Additionally, please continue to cooperate with the Ministry of Interior through the General Department of Immigration to facilitate in solving all the necessary matters in order to smoothen the process of this program in accordance with the principles of laws and regulations of the Cambodia Government.

Last but not least, on behalf of the Ministry of Interior, I strongly hope that the program “Cambodia My 2nd Home” will be a great success, and I would like to wish your excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies, and gentlemen all the best and happiness, longevity, nobility, health, and strength.

A word from the Chairman of

Khmer Home Charity Association

In the past few years, Covid 19 pandemic caused the catastrophe around the globe, in particular the world as well as Cambodia’s tourism sectors bear the negative impacts from it. In order to restore the Cambodia economy, Khmer Home Charity Association was built to help all the vulnerable people, elder, women and children with the donation from all the donors, bring in the positive impacts to public and promote the social sectors in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Khmer Home Charity Association is an organization managed by a charity organization which is different from others and this idea is a reason why we start this association. Khmer Home Charity Association is operated with transparency and charity fund is used for the most rightful and impactful purposes.

With the supports and trust of all Khmer Home Charity Association members, I am very delighted to corporate with everyone who join hands in the creation of this Khmer Home Charity Association for the harmonious and improvement of the Cambodia society. Khmer Home Charity Association will provide both caring and flexibility to all the investors who become a member of our association and we also make Cambodia legitimately your second home.

I am glad to lead “Cambodia My 2nd Home” as the first charity initiative and we will offer full support on it. With our long-term commitment to aid “Cambodia My 2nd Home”, our association will lead all the donors and other organizations to show the value of sharing and caring to the society.

H.E. Nov Sokpheap
Chairman of Khmer Home Charity Association